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Pond Maintenance and How to Pass Inspections
Join us for a webinar led by Alex Cecil, regional manager at Aqua Doc Lake & Pond Management. Prepare to delve into a wealth of insights concerning the upkeep of ponds and effective stormwater...MORE
Best Practices: Natural Disasters and Storm Readiness
In recent years, the world has witnessed a significant increase in the frequency and intensity of natural disasters, underscoring the importance of proactive planning and response strategies. Led by...MORE
Eminent Domain, the Condemnation Process, and How They Impact Your HOA
In this presentation, Attorney Keenya Justice will go over eminent domain and the condemnation process, specifically, why there is a growing need for the government to take private property for...MORE
Collections: Basic Overview and Red Flags of Foreclosure
In this webinar, Attorneys Tina Pace with Hatch, Little & Bunn, LLP, and Ryan McCabe, with McCabe, Trotter & Beverly, PC, provide an overview of the collections process as it relates to community...MORE
Making Sound Business Decisions on Your HOA’s Insurance Coverage
In this webinar, Andrew Bateman, CIC, CIRMS, CMCA, with TriSure, goes over the current state of the insurance industry and provides insight into what it may do in the future. He also discusses the...MORE
Robert's Rules vs. Bob's Rules: How Formal You Really Need to Be
Are you wondering if you and your fellow board members need to adhere to Robert's Rules of Order strictly? In this presentation, Attorney Michael Taliercio will go over various topics related to...MORE
Effective Management of Community Associations for Board Members
Being a board member is tough, especially if you haven't been given access to the resources needed to do your job well. Thankfully, CAMS has you covered! In this presentation, Attorneys Mike...MORE
Behavior Management: Dealing with Everyday Headaches in Your HOA
Even the most well-managed community associations will run into conflict with members from time to time. What should board members do when it's time to address these conflicts? In this webinar,...MORE
Ambiguity, Nuisances, & Common Use Restrictions
In this presentation, Attorneys Mike Hunter and Ben Karb discuss restrictive covenants, community nuisances, and how ambiguity within governing documents can cause problems. Topics covered include...MORE
Social Media: Positives and Pitfalls
Does your community use social media to communicate with the membership? Are you considering doing so? Join Harmony Taylor and Ian Roberts with Law Firm Carolinas to discuss the pros and...MORE